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Internal Serving Hatch Shutters

To heighten your security further on your premises, internal shutters can really benefit your offices. B & L Shutters are able to install roller shutters to secure off areas of your building such as serving hatches, reception areas, bars, kiosks and more. Regardless of the space you are looking to add an internal shutter to, our made to measure service means this will be no problem. Call us in today for us to take a look at your space and talk about the potential options.

Our hatches can be provided in a number of materials meaning you can use the shutter that best suits your requirements. The shutters can either be clear, meaning that its is still letting in natural light even when down, aluminium or a range of other secure materials. To find out more get in touch.

As well as advising you on the best materials and use of our shutters we are also able to install your shutters. We are proud to be experienced Uk wide installers so all work comes with a guarantee giving you peace of mind.

What are the advantages?

  1. Little space required, none obtrusive to work space
  2. The shutter is only made up of one shutter box and two runners
  3. Plenty of space available to use space once the shutter is down
  4. Can get shutters in a variety of materials so space can still be ventilated and letting in natural light.
  5. As these shutters don't need to be as reinforced as external roller shutters this will reduce costs